A few years ago, Michal Suffczynski after completing his thesis on the 'structural drawing,' he became a doctor of technical studies. The thesis title expressed the author's belief that the drawing is a construct, which has a definable set of rules. This approach to the building of an image is expecially convincing whith regard to the architectural drawing, which is not as 'free' as other forms of visual creation as it is closely tied with the subject - the theme. In his work on European architecture Nicolaus Pevsner displayed an awareness of the difficulties involved in judging times that one has witnessed. He expressed a wish to present the phenomena being discussed just as they are. This assertion was based on the belief that despite evetything 'an objective judgement' is possible. One can ask what this judgment is? Surely it is what the majority agrees upon. The architectural drawing, in this case the drawing and watercolor, play a subordinate role with regard to the theme which they depict. If they rerfer to a project or present something thay already exists, then they create a two-dimensional illusion of that which is supposed to exist in multidimensional space. This is a distinct category in artistic creativity - askin to the art of illustration. It requires talent, knowledge, skill, a love for one's craft, and above all diligence. When he heard the accusation that "it is not hard," artist and architect, Ludomir Słupeczański (1934-2012) - know for his brillian drawings and great sense of humor - asnwered "yes!... if you know what you're doing then it's not hard..."

          In the realm of watercolor Michal Suffczynski has attained a rarely seen excellence, visual inquisitiveness and mastery of the watercolor technique where composition and detail are concerned. "Trifles make perfection adn perfection is no trifle," Michelangelo wrote. Does the sameness of the name MICHAEL and character traits play any roles here? ...but in her beautiful song "Zamiast" Edyta Geppert wrote something else: "Who knows how many times I've sinned?... I don't have the mind for counting. You forgive all of them anyway - after all you're not finical..."

prof. dr hab. inż. arch. Lech Kłosiewicz


architect, watercolor and pencil artist


+48 603 545 294